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Wine tasting in heart of Sofia!
During your personal tasting experience I will guide you through the distinctive world of Bulgarian wines. Although Bulgaria has been producing wine for 5000 years it is still relatively unknown to the rest of the world. Now a rising new generation of Bulgarian boutique winemakers are devoted to the craft and bringing new attention to our country. You will taste 5 wine varieties of local grapes unique to Bulgaria, that can not be found anywhere else: Miskets, Melnik, Mavrud, Gumza and Rubin. Plus, local cheeses, artisanal bread and mineral water. The tasting is held in one of the best boutique wine shops in Sofia – Tempus Vini, which is located on an artsy street in the city center, known for its fine restaurants and boutiques. And just a few streets away from Sofia’s main pedestrian boulevard. During the tasting I can tell you about the wine regions of Bulgaria including the history and the wine culture of my beautiful country. All tastings are held in English or Bulgarian. Duration is about 1.5 hours. Then I can offer you suggestions of my favorite restaurants nearby to finish your evening. :) Other things to note Please inform me if some of the guests have any allergies. Thank you. We are expecting you!
Snowmobile safari
We will ride snowmobiles. There are different tours and routes for all of you, the thrill of driving a snowmobile, to get a taste of what it’s like while getting close to nature. You follow your guide across the frozen rivers and through the untouched woodlands. During the tour, you make short stops for snapping pictures and enjoying the sights of the mountain before driving back to the starting point. I’ll show you the heart of the mountain and my restored sleds, the unique chance to see the snowmobile heritage from 1960, when Joseph-Armand Bombardier introduced his own snowmobile using an open-cockpit one-or two-person form. You will have the unique chance to ride my old school snowmobiles: Ski Doo Nordik 50, Arctic Cat Zl 600 and legendary (James Bond's Yamaha Vmax 600 LE). If you’re looking for a true arctic knowledge in Bulgaria, this is the tour for you! Bulgarian mountains are the best choice for travel addicts and tourists, snowmobiling is a fun experience and a great way to explore a new destination. Other things to note The tours are depending on weather conditions, we have "spare" alternative locations in case of no snow or bad weather. All of them reveal a stunning view, due to well situated at 1350-2000 m.
Sofia Communist Tour
Discover the main landmarks of communist history in the city of Sofia. Start your tour by passing by the former headquarters of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Continue on to see buildings such as the secret police investigation facility and the destroyed mausoleum. Head on towards the monument of the Soviet army and the National Palace of Culture. During the 3-hour-long walking tour, learn about the theory of communism and what Marxism-Leninism is. Find out about the history of communism in Bulgaria, the pros and cons of the period, and the relation between the communist government and religion, industry, economy, culture and everyday life of the people. End the tour with a fresh perspective on the city and a new insight into the country's communist past. Please note group size may vary depending on the season.
The New Sofia Pub Crawl
Every night we meet our guests at the meeting spot and from then on we go to the first bar where everyone gets a beer or wine and we start getting to know each other. The next step depend on the week day. During the week when less people join us, we go to some smaller and hidden locations with their own history and atmosphere. During the weekend we go to bigger venues, as more people (10+) are joining us. During the week: Our second place is a hidden bar with its own story that our guides tell to the guests. Our third place is an art location with a unique vibe. This venue has a special story which the guests of the pub crawl will learn. Our fourth place is is a lively bar on a weekday where the people on the pub crawl already know each other and level of enjoyment go on higher levels. Our last place during the week is a lively place where you can dance and have fun the rest of the night. We get there at about 12:30 - 1 am and you can stay until it closes in the early hours of the morning :) During the weekend: Our second place is a lively bar/club where the guests start enjoying the nightlife music in Sofia. Our third place is a venue where quite often the guests can hear live music) Other things to note We have the sole intent to provide our guests with a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Any individual or group that is only interested in getting wasted as determined by the guides will be asked to leave
Sofia Pub Crawl
Sofia Pub Crawl is a guided tour of Sofia's best bars, clubs and nightlife overall. You get to join a group of locals and tourists from all over the world for a night of exploration and drinking. What you get: - A 4+ hour tour of Sofia local's favourite bars (unique and hard to find) + a club - A free round of shots at every place and free entrance to the club at the end - Meeting locals, as well as travelers from all over the world - Drinking games, challenges and other types of entertainment - Your very own fun English-speaking guide
Hiking to the Seven Rila Lakes
Our meeting point will be behind Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, in front of "La Cattedrale restaurant". The departure is at 07:00 o'clock sharp. (GPS coordinates: 42.695601, 23.333790). We'll drive to the Panichishte Resort chair lift which takes us to the Seven Rila Lakes Cirque. Then we start exploring them one by one. Each lake is named after its most characteristic feature. The highest one (at 2500m above sea level) is called Salzata "The Tear", from where we have a bird’s eye view over all seven lakes, as well as surrounding outcrops and deep valleys; the next one in height carries the name Okoto "The Eye" after its oval form; Babreka "The Kidney" is the lake with the steepest shores of the entire group; Bliznaka "The Twin" is the largest of all; Trilistnika "The Trefoil" has an irregular shape; the shallowest lake is Ribnoto Ezero "The Fish Lake" and the lowest one is Dolnoto Ezero "The Lower Lake" (2100m above sea level), where the water that flows out of the other lakes is gathered to form the source of Dzherman River. Once you visit the last lake, we'll return to the upper station of the chair lift, ride it, and head back to Sofia with our minivan. You'll be dropped off at the starting location. Other things to note Be physically prepared for this hike. Depending on the month that you book, you might need winter clothes. Hiking boots are a must!
Horse ride through the nearest paradise to Sofia
If you are looking for a unique experience surrounded by loved horses, you are coming to the right place! The base is located at Elena´s house, the owner of the horses, by Pchelina reservoir. Please have in mind that we will drive from Sofia 1h and 15min to arrive to our destination, but don't worry, the scenery on the way is already worth the trip! Once we arrive, you will be allocated a horse, we will put our safety helmet on and explain the basic commands. If you are an experienced rider, please let me know in advance your abilities so we can make sure that you get an amazing ride ;) The least comfortable riders will be leaded so they can relax and enjoy the ride. The first part of the ride will take place on a never ending field with amazing views to the mountains. Here you will have the opportunity to practice a little trot if you feel comfortable. Then we will step on a gravel road that will end at a very small Chapel on the top of a hill. This will be the final destination and it will overview a beautiful reservoir. The ride will take around 2h. IMPORTANT NOTES: - The route might change slightly depending on the conditions of the fields. - Better message me before booking so I can double check if the ride will be possible. This will depend on weather and the horse´s wellbeing. - In some cases, I will be able to pick you up at your accommodation.
Delicious traditional breakfast and Walking Tour
I offer you a walk and a traditional breakfast. During this 2-hour walk I will take you through different Bulgarian bread ovens and breakfasts that we can try: such as banitsa and baklava, also some typical drink such as ayran and boza. Being a Bulgarian I will also tell you something about the history of my city. Walking I will also show you where the bars, restaurants and places of interest are found. I can also give you some advice about your stay and trip.
Discover Sofia's Shangri-La
I'll come and pick you up at a time and place convenient for you (at your accommodation for instance), and take my car, public transport or taxis to the trailhead, where we'll walk as far as you want, having a packed lunch picnic on the way. Please let me know about your desired walking distance (we usually do 10-25 km on a day), any special interests (we can include a monastery, warm springs, etc.), whether you'd like me to paste a few sandwiches for you, etc. and depending on the season, I'll propose a route on which we will visit our favourite spots. During the walk, I'll tell you about what I know about the nature we see, and we can talk about life in Bulgaria, the universe and everything :) At the end of the day, I'll drop you off in Sofia again. Other things to note Please contact me before booking to discuss the details of what you want to do (I'm quite flexible) and the weather forecast. Please also contact me for any dates that look "unavailable" in my calendar: they're probably available but I just haven't scheduled them yet.
Unique tour with a private photoshoot
There is no better way to experience Plovdiv than with a local, passionate photographer who happens to know great locations for beautiful photos. I will show you some of the hidden gems in the city whilst I snap some photos of you. As a second-generation Plovdivian, I will tell you about the most interesting facts from Plovdiv's history. The ones that are not included in the other tours. We'll create images that show the very best of your time spent in Europe's oldest most inhabited city! There is no usual program, I want to give a memorable and unforgettable experience -different and unique every time and for everyone. In the end, we will finish our tour in a local place for something refreshing and will discuss the photos. Within 2 days you'll get the 50 + 10 high-end retouched photographs via Wetransfer. If you want to turn this experience into a private photoshoot only, you have to book all the remaining places! This option will increase the final count of the images! If you have further questions about anything, feel free to send me a message! Prices are set per person. Try not to carry along more than one bag, and wear comfortable shoes You CAN bring a change of clothes if you would like! if you want to shoot anywhere specific let me know and I will check the availability
Sofia Nightlife Experience
We will be going deep into the night life of Sofia. I'm a native guy that know every inch of the city center and has been working in the bar entertainment industry in Sofia for more than 7 years. We will have a magnificent bar crawl through which we will explore the Bulgarian way of partying and having fun. You can be sure that you will fully experience the native culture and be drowned in the terrific native way of living the nightlife exactly how we in Bulgaria do it. We will have a couple of drinks and I will get to know you with other locals so you can have more friends from Sofia. It's gonna be a hell of a ride, so save your energy and I'm expecting you on my tour!
The night e-scooter tour of Sofia
My favourite part of the day is the time when the sun begins to set and the locals start gathering in lively groups to enjoy the evening. The city lights turn on one by one, shedding light on Sofia's main landmarks. There is almost no traffic - the perfect moment to explore the city on electric scooters! I can't wait to share this moment with you! We will tour most of the sites in the centre and ride through Borisova garden (The local Central Park), which walking tours skip. We will pass by the Soviet Army Monument, the romantic Lilies Pond, and the small Astronomic Observatory of Sofia University. Then we will ride back to the centre. It will already be dark and I will show you some nice places where you can enjoy the rest of the evening like a local or have a late dinner. The itinerary is about 9 km (5.5 mi) long. It doesn't include any direct riding with heavy traffic. We will be going mostly through areas where cars are not allowed, bike lanes, and parks. The e-scooters' top speed is 25 km/h (15 mph). Their max load is 100 kg (220 lbs). Helmets will be provided for everyone and we will start with brief but precise instructions on how to use the scooters. Safety first! Note that insurance is not included. Group tours are in English, privates can be in Bulgarian, Russian or French. IMPORTANT: if you can't ride a bike, you can't ride an e-scooter - they are quite similar!
One day snowshoeing in Vitosha mountain
One day snowshoeing in Vitosha mountain! Vitosha is the oldest natural park in Bulgaria, established in 1936. It is situated a less than an hour drive from the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia and it rises up to 2290 meters above sea level with his highest summit – Cherni vrah. It is amazing landscape and during our journey we will stay mostly in the alpine part with astonishing views over the city and the surrounding mountains. Pick up from Sofia subject to arrangement. Our starting point is at about 1800 meters above sea level, close to Aleko mountain hut, one of the gates to the mountain. Short introduction of the equipment and the use of avalanche safety gear. About 2 h walk to the highest summit (+550 m ascent). Descent and drive back to the city. Total duration about 5h. The trip is suitable for beginners to intermediate level in snowshoeing.
Lakes of Bulgaria
Dear guests of Bulgaria, we are pleased to present to your attention a fascinating and very beautiful excursion to the Rila Lakes. The seven Rila lakes are 1.5 hours away from the capital Sofia, making it a day trip to nature. Lakes are located at an altitude of 2100 to 2500 meters above sea level. To get to the lakes, we will take a ride on a chair lift, look at the beautiful views of Bulgaria, then we will have a walking path that has moderate difficulties, and an unforgettable experience. On the way to the upper lake, delicious national dishes await us in two huts, where you will enjoy delicious food and beautiful views of nature.
The Seven Rila Lakes and the Holy Rila Monastery
Our meeting point will be behind Aleksander Nevski Cathedral, in front of La Cattedrale restaurant. (GPS coordinates: 42.695601, 23.333790). The departure is at 7AM! We'll drive to the Panichishte Resort around 9AM from where a chair lift will take us to the Seven Rila Lakes Cirque. The ticket is not included and costs 25 leva (= 12.5 euros per person for both directions). Then we will start exploring the lakes. Each of them is named after its most characteristic feature: The Lower Lake (2100 m/ 6900 ft above sea level), The Fish Lake, The Trefoil, The Twin, The Kidney, The Eye and The Tear (2500 m/8200 ft above sea level). Be physically prepared for this hike. Depending on the month that you book, you might need winter clothes. Hiking boots are a must! We also advise you to bring some snacks and a water bottle. Once we visit the last lake, we'll return to the upper station of the chair lift, ride it and head to the Rila Monastery (UNESCO), which is within a 2-hour drive. This is Bulgaria's biggest and most beautiful monastic complex. A place where unique architecture, faith and nature live in symbiosis. Note that there is a dress code at this holy place. All visitors must have their shoulders and knees covered. We will have a guided tour around the monastery and then head back to Sofia which is within a 2.5 hour ride.