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Litrato ng White Tower of Thessaloniki
White Tower of ThessalonikiInirerekomenda ng 153 lokal
Litrato ng Arch of Galerius
Arch of GaleriusInirerekomenda ng 54 na lokal
Litrato ng The Museum of Byzantine Culture
The Museum of Byzantine CultureInirerekomenda ng 52 lokal
Litrato ng Rotunda
RotundaInirerekomenda ng 53 lokal
Litrato ng Atatürk Museum
Atatürk MuseumInirerekomenda ng 8 lokal
Litrato ng Church of St. Demetrios
Church of St. DemetriosInirerekomenda ng 61 lokal

Lahat ng aktibidad malapit sa Thessaloniki

Swimming & relax in top beaches
Me and my husband we will take you to Chalkidiki an area with the best and most beautiful beaches of Greece . We will start from a beautiful sandy beach with blue waters and many water sports. Then we will go to another amazing beach to swim and relax. The area is amazing with a beautiful and unique marine ecosystem where you can dive. The beaches we will visit are unique and with indescribable beauty. There you will relax, swim and sunbathe in an incredible landscape .After swimming you can try local delicacies and wonderful wine or ouzo in local restaurants. Ask me if you are interest for water-sports. Activities for childrens. Local products like honey -wine-olive oils. Religius momuments. Ask me for date is more flexible for you . Please check also and my experience in my profile.
Daily cruise to Shipwreck beach
Join us for a private, memorable and breathtaking experience to the beaches of Thessaloniki. Enjoy a full-day cruise in the crystal clear sea of Thermaikos bay! With our comfortable, safe and luxurious boat Hunter 460 – BLUE FOAM – we will sail the deep blue! We will look at beautiful and sunny beaches, we will explore and swim in the turquoise waters and see places with a magnificent view where you will swim, sunbathe and snorkel. We will live the dream! Our main destination is the Navagio beach Epanomi area opposite of Mt. Olympus, the residence of the Greek Gods! You will get amazed by the spectacle of a cape in the shape of a sandy tongue that gets into the sea. Along literally sandy coastline with shells, turquoise waters competing in beauty with the different sets of a shipwreck. It sank in about 1970 giving its mark on the beach. It adds more excitement to the scenery and offers an incentive for underwater exploring. The natural images, the rhythms of nature and the journey with the sailing boat will magnetize you and build you an unprecedented feeling of freedom. At noon before the hunger conquers us, you will taste a delicious lunch prepared (from scratch) by the Captain. Other things to note The vessel is available for charter for 1 up to 8 persons on a daily basis. All the attached cruises can be modified due to the weather. Hotel pick-up and drop-off with extra cost. ( special price). A passports numbers will be needed to fulfil the documents for the Port Authority.
Visit to a goat-sheep farm and traditional Greek village
If you want to live the ultimate Greek experience in Greek nature, welcome !!! We will start early in the morning and our first stop we will be at a traditional Greek farm with goats and sheep. There you will learn how they are raised, how they grow up and the way of life of the people who raise them. We will start milking the goats in the traditional way with our hands we will feed the young little goats which you will love and we will tell you how we make feta cheese .Then we will visit a traditional Greek village to taste traditional Greek meal in the country side where I grew up. I am waiting for you for an unforgettable experience in the Greek countryside. Ask me for different day is more flexible for you. Meeting point near to your place. Perfect for families - Team building - love animals Please check also my others experiences in my profile.
Day trip to Halkidiki
All nature lovers will enjoy this ride! A destination mooring rich in activities on land and at sea. In one of the most beautiful Greek seasides you will be able to do waterskiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, wake skating, barefoot waterskiing even horse back riding. This experience awaits you to explore many activities with a friendly and highly specialized personnel. The price includes transportation with a private car and soft drinks. The activities cost extra. Price list for the activities follows.... Horse back riding at the sea and golf course 30e for 45min Ski - wakeboard 45e for 15min Double Canoe 20e for 1hr Tube - Sofa 25e for 10min Jet ski 55e for 15min Pedal Boat 20e for 1hr Wakesurf 60e for 10min Barefoot 50e for 10min SUP 20e for 1hr
Cook and dine with a Greek family
We will introduce ourselves and wish with a local treat. Then we will go to the kitchen where I will present you the ingredients that we will use for cooking Moussaka - tzatziki - homemade salad - dessert. After we finish cooking we will all sit together listening to Greek music at the table and we will enjoy ouzo-tsipouro-retsina with local Greek tapas. The cooking class takes place in a Greek house with a crazy traditional Greek family where you will see our way of life. Also, because I am a Greek traditional dance teacher, I will teach you Greek traditional dances. Welcome to our home!!!!! Ask me for days is more flexible for you and bigger parties !!! Perfect for team building !!! Families !!!! Solo travelers !!!!! please check also and my others experiences in my profile.
Jewish Legacy
The hours and the days of the schedule are typical. We can arrange the tour you like upon request. This tour is about the Jewish history and community of Thessaloniki, once of the biggest communities in Europe dating back in 1492. The tour is in English or Greek language and our meeting point is at Aristotelous Square where we are going to visit "The Monasteriote's Synagogue" a religious and magnificent architectural and historical building, nearby there is Agora Modiano, a Food Market in the center of the city that was built in 1922-1930, then we continue in the Jewish Museum where we are going to explore more about the heritage and the growth of community of the city, as we are walking, we going to attend the Holocaust Memorial that stands in the Eleftherias Square, afterward we are gonna drift through the alleys the Valaoritou Street to pass by the Old Stock Exchange building in Thessaloniki and we will end up in area that will be the new Jewish Museum, this will be the end of our walk and I will inform you about some places out of the tour range that worth visiting. *Every walk will include food and drink tips and recommendations as well nightlife spots. Estimated walk duration : 2-2,5 hours.
Mountain Olympus home of the twelve Gods
Me or my husband will drive you to the magical mountain of the twelve Gods of the ancient Greeks. We will start from Dion the holy city where the ancient kings and emperors prayed before leaving for war campaigns like Alexander the Great. Then we will go to the sacred forest to a magical place full of energy and many secrets that I will reveal to you. Then we will go to the famous gorge of Enipeas where we will walk and drink the magic water of the goddess Aphrodite. Then if the weather allows it we will go to a beach to admire and swim with Poseidon. Τhe distance is about 1.15 minutes drive from Thessaloniki and the same return to Thessaloniki. Τhe rest of the time will be on the mountain.
Thessaloniki Tour on Motorcycle
*Nothing compared to the normal bus sightseeing.This is an exclusive tour with me as your local driver-guide. On the motorcycle, it is a one on one tour,i will show you not only the main attractions of my city but we will explore some "hidden gems" of Thessaloniki as well during our stops* *Feel free to send me a message if there is a time during the day more convenient for you * -We will meet at the city centre -Our first stop will be at the White Tower of Thessaloniki,which is the greatest monument of the city.Then we gonna have a quick walk by the seaside and see the Statue of Alexander the Great. -From there,we will continue our ride to the main part of the city centre and get to know the history of the Aristotelous Square and walk through the streets of Ladadika,which is one of the most symbolic and attractive area of the whole city. -Next, we move on to the upper part of Thessaloniki called "Ano Poli".The view of the city from there is breathtaking so it's absolutely worth riding 'till there. -Finally,i return you safely at the spot we met earlier. *There will be enough time for photos during our stops* Other things to note You have the opportunity to choose between a 125cc scooter and a 600cc(more comfortable) motorcycle for our tour. In both cases,you will get the most out of the sightseeing.
Historical Center and Food Markets of Thessaloniki
The hours and the days of the schedule are typical. We can arrange the tour you like upon request. Thessaloniki is its historical center. Full of monuments of the Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and Jewish past. Our tour will start from Rotunda to explore the Roman part of the city ending up to Roman Agora of Thessaloniki. We are going to visit important historical and architectural monuments of the city various centuries in order to connect with the history, the culture and past. Let's discover some of these treasures together, through charming paths surrounding the markets of Modiano and Kapani, the oldest markets in the city with oriental colours and flavours that will remain in your memory forever. *Every walk will include food and drink tips and recommendations as well nightlife spots. Estimated walk duration 2,5 - 3 hours.
Local Wines -food & myths
We will go to a beautiful liqueur shop with many varieties of Greek wines. τhere you will learn about the best varieties of Greek wines and the regions you produce and the varieties of grapes that are used for their production. You will taste 3 Greek local wines with a variety of Greek cheeses . Our tastings are relaxed, and most importantly fun. Greece have some of the best wines of Europe come and try them . Perfect experience to make new friends in Greece. Ask me for days is more flexible for you and time. Also ask me for bigger parties. Τaste Greek wines and food in a unique experience. Please check also my experiences to mountain Olympus or Meteora the holly monasteries and my experience to waterfalls and hot springs .
Safari and swim in mountain Olympos
We will take a magical walk on the famous Olympus , we will start from the holy city of Dion where the kings of Macedonia like Philip and Alexander the Great made their prayers and sacrifices to ZEUS before his great campaign. We will continue in beautiful landscapes around the mountain at the foot of the ridge. Then we will walk to a mythical place where the twelve Gods lived, there we will feel the energy of the landscape and we will see how the ancient Greeks lived. Then we will walk in the gorge of Enipeas and we will go to the heart of the mountain to the magical springs we will drink the water of the gods . In the end we will go to a beautiful beach to swimming or for a small stop to enjoy a pick nick with Poseidon. Easy hiking trip to the Greek mythology !!!! Perfect for families team building and solo travelers !!!!! Ask me for days is comfortable for you. I promise you a wonderful experience for your holidays in Greece !!!!
Luxury personal shopper in Thessaloniki
Discover the shops of Thessaloniki center and beyond and choose the best items that fit your wardrobe and personality with our experienced personal shopping assistants. You will have the chance to discover Thessaloniki in a new way, through its fashion scene, where you will discover many gems, local and international, in any price range you desire, while also accessing many exclusive discounts in the city’s best boutiques.Through this experience, you will have the opportunity to discover things about yourself, what suits you and what you feel your best self in. Our experienced stylists will teach you the styling tips and techniques that work for your style. Beyond the pieces that you will choose to purchase, you will walk away from the appointment with valuable experience on how to dress, how to use the items you already have in your closet and how to style yourself better in various situations.
Meteora Sunset Tour on e-bikes
We meet in front of our office,right in the center of the lovely town of Kalampaka. We pick and adjust our bikes and equipment.Your tour leader will lead you out on a 3-hour sightseeing tour by e-bikes.See all the remaining active monasteries with stories about tradition, history and landmarks you see along the route. We will take short breaks for pictures and chat and as the sun slowly sets behind the mountains we will stop and enjoy the most amazing sunset from the best spot in Meteora.Groups are small,with a maximum of 9 people and your smiling local tour leader. Other things to note We offer a variety of bike sizes so everyone will find the right bike.
Historical walking tour of Thessaloniki
This walking tour - in English, Italian or Spanish language - will take you throughout the major sightseeing attractions of the city so that at the same time you can get to know Thessaloniki's history. Starting at the Trigoniou Tower: here we will talk about the city's wall and the very origins of the city. From here you will enjoy the best view of the city, take pictures of yourselves with the city's gulf at your back and sip a coffee while listening to the history of the city's origin. Second stop at the church of Agios Dimitrios: we will visit the church and talk about the Roman persecutions of the Christians at the time of Emperor Diocletian. Also we will learn about the Christian basilica and the patron saint Dimitrios. Third stop: the Roman Agora. One of the most beautiful stop in Thessaloniki, the ancient Roman Agora is an open air archeological site. Fourth stop: the Rotonda. This the most ancient monument of the city and a living testimony of the city's long history. Initially a pagan temple, it has been transformed into a church and into a mosque during the centuries. We will talk about religions in the city of Thessaloniki. 5th stop: the church of Agia Sophia. Inside we will admire the beautiful mosaics of the IX century and will talk about the Greek Orthodox religion. This will be the end of our walking tour but I will leave you with more tips on what to do next!
Thessaloniki Food Experience-Cook & Eat with locals
Come with us to dive into local Thessaloniki food culture, flavors and traditions ! In our common food table, we'll learn how to make a greek pie together, and enjoy roasted meat, vegetable dishes, and greek traditional salad! Our dishes come from my grandma's recipe, local eastern-infused customary recipes, and from a greek island! In this gastronomy afternoon, we’ll be sharing hints about olive oil's history, traditional recipes, and of course learn everything that you want about greek herbs and spices. -- Located at the city center - great terrace Having the ingredients ready, we’ll make the final preparation and mixtures together, while having fun and sharing recipes and local customs! We'll fold up our dinner with an amazing local dessert! What do we promise you travelers ? That you leave this gastronomy experience entertained, full of taste,and having shared local culture through preparing and eating food ! **If you are a vegan, inform us to adjust our dishes!! **A dog and 3 cats live happily to the house, but they will be discrete to our enjoying!!
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