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Rustic Cabin on the Poetic Creek

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As private as you can find! At the end of a mile long wood road on 11 forested acres on the Poetic Creek. No houses in sight - or earshot. A charming 'Camping Cabin'. Please read ALL the description, so you know what to expect and what to bring.

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…….The Cabin is insulated and has an airtight wood stove. There is a Murphy bed with a queen size mattress. It does not have indoor running water or electric [other than a small solar electric system described below] - that's what "camping cabin" refers to. The forest has lots of wildlife, deer, wild turkeys, foxes, raccoons, great horned owls, etc.
……..For cooking there is a 2 burner Coleman camp stove, and outside, a fireplace. Solar power: Solar electric panels on the roof charge a storage battery. It operates a couple of CFL lamps.
........Fire wood May 2021 There is seasoned fire wood near the cabin.
……..Officially, it's the "Potic Creek" but one of our guests from Europe liked the location so much she named it Poetic Creek in her 2014 review. It is an idyllic getaway for those who appreciate nature. It is about 25 miles north of Woodstock; about 2 hour drive from the GWB

A note on cleanliness:
In reviews and feedback, most guests love the location and enjoy their stay. However, we get demerits too often on cleanliness. It is important to us to have guests enjoy their stay, which is why we’re taking time to address this in detail. As we live a 2 hour round trip from the cabin, it is not workable for us to do housekeeping between each guest. We rely on guests to leave is clean and tidy, dishes and utensils washed, and to take their trash with them. While 90% of the time, that works fine, sometimes there is a disrespectful guest. You should know this is a possibility. So there are two options. The first is, if it has not been left clean to your satisfaction, make it right and we will be happy to reimburse you for your time. The second is, don’t take a chance – book some other property. Thank you.
. . . . . When we started thinking about the possibility of sharing a cabin years ago, the question was, how can we do it? It is a two hour round trip from our home, so traveling to the cabin after every guest was not feasible. To make it work, we ask guests to bring their sleeping bags [or sheets and blankets] and towels, and “leave it as you found it.” We figured most guests who were interested in this type of retreat would be respectful of the next guest, and that has been true. We ask, if you cannot make a commitment to leave the cabin clean and tidy for the guest after you, and take with you any trash and empty water bottles, please don’t book a stay here. Once a month or so, we check out the cabin, restock supplies, and do any cleaning that’s needed. As in any cabin in the woods, mice do get in. If that would bother you, please don’t book a stay here. When we see evidence of them, we set traps and get rid of them, but before long they're back.
…….Pets: Your dog is OK. Our Yorkie loves it there, we do not charge a pet fee. Due to past problems of guests with cat allergies, we do not accept cats. We do ask that if you bring your dog, that you do a thorough cleaning to remove hair and, that you not have your dog on the bed, unless you bring a sheet or blanket large enough to cover it. This is on the honor system, please respect other guests.

…….At the cabin are plates, glasses, utensils, pots and pans, a French press coffee maker, T paper, paper towels, dish detergent, and candles, A Coleman 2 burner stove for cooking and spare propane canisters for it. Since it is an essential item, even though they are quite reliable, we keep a spare Coleman on hand. As it is camping, you will need sleeping bags, [there are a couple of quilts at the cabin so you could bring queen size sheets and pillowcases] and towels - and having a flashlight is a good idea, essential if you are arriving after dark. Bring what you would for any camping trip - matches, newspaper for starting the fire, and drinking water. In front of the cabin there’s a stone fire place and with a grill. We provide cut seasoned firewood. The firewood is provided for heating the cabin with the wood stove. Outdoors, only make a fire in the fire place in front of the cabin only, nowhere else. There is a small BBQ there. If you wish to use that, bring charcoal.
……. To repeat, please do not make outdoor fires other than in the outside fire place in front of the cabin. If you cook on the outside fireplace grill, it's best to split firewood to 1 1/2 to 3 inch diameter. Smaller sized firewood burns hotter and more quickly get to embers good for cooking – the same is true if you’re trying to heat up the cabin when you arrive. There is a maul [splitting ax] at the cabin, and also a kindling splitter with a 4 pound hammer.
…….Bringing newspaper and matches for fire starting. There is an excellent, efficient Napoleon airtight wood stove for heating. It has a glass front door, so you can watch the fire burning. We will send instructions in case you are not familiar with the use of airtight wood stoves. Safety note: Do NOT use fire starting fluid in the wood stove, it is dangerous and can damage the stove. Fires should be started with kindling on top of newspaper.

. . . . There is a small shed with 2 porta potties about 100 feet from the cabin. [See note at the end of this description]
. . . . THE ROAD: The wood road in is a mile long. It’s a bit rough, but not a problem to drive in as far as the parking spot for the cabin. [We can drive in with our Prius, which is quite low to the ground, but do need to drive slowly in a few places]. Over the years, two guests [out of a few hundred] have told us they felt the road too rough. The parking spot is about 250 feet from the cabin. The road from the parking area to the cabin is rough and steep, so without 4 wheel drive with good ground clearance, walk this last part.
…….ROAD IN WINTER: In the past, heavy snow would prevent you from staying at the cabin, and in that case we gave a full refund. For the 2020 - 2021 winter season, we are plowing the road. With snow, 4WD is recommended, as even after plowing, a bit of snow is still on the road, although none of the road is steep. If there is a forecast of substantial snow during your stay, you can contact us, and if it appears safer to cancel the trip for that reason, we will give a refund.
……..HEAT: The woodstove is efficient and heats the cabin well. Firewood is provided. We have been there when outside temperature was less than 20 degrees and been fine.
……..Water: The water from the river – and any surface water – would have bacteria and not be suitable for drinking unless purified. There is a well a five minute walk away with hand pump, we suggest you purify that water also – it’s probably fine, but we have not had it tested. If the water is purified, it is potable. We provide a few ways to purify the water, but even so, we recommend bringing some drinking water. We have at the cabin a “Steripen,” which is an ultraviolet water purifier that will purify a liter in 90 seconds. As a backup to the UV purifier, there are “Aquatabs” -- tablets that purify a liter in a half an hour. Bringing water to a boil is another way kill any bacteria.
…….Toilet facilities:. There is a porta potty in a nearby shed.
…….CELL PHONE SERVICE: We only sometimes get service on our cell phones there – IT DEPENDS ON YOUR PROVIDER. We have ATT and Cricket. Reception is intermittent and weak, so often we have to walk up the hill to the parking area, and sometimes go as far as the power lines [five minute walk] to get service.
……In addition to the queen bed in the bedroom, there is a queen size air bed. There is a foot operated air pump.
……If you note that any essentials are getting low, please let us know so we can re-stock them. We can’t guarantee all are in stock, so bring essentials.
……. We have installed a timer on the lighting circuit at the cabin. This is to prevent the problem some guests have caused by leaving the lights on when they leave and draining the battery. So you will now see a timer mounted next to the solar control panel and storage battery. By turning the knob clockwise, it turns the lights on for up to an hour. A small inconvenience, perhaps, but better than having a guest come and find no electric.
…….After you book the cabin, we will email maps, instructions, a primer on starting campfires, key information, etc. Best to print them out and take them with you. If they don't arrive by email within a couple hours of booking, please let us know.
…….To reiterate: If you wish to stay in this cabin, please be prepared to leave it clean and take away your trash. We cannot travel there between every guest's visit. We can only re-stock and clean it periodically, if you are not prepared to do housekeeping at the end of your stay, please don't book it. Once in a while, a guest doesn’t clean up or take their trash with them. If that should happen, we ask that you deal with the issue and send us a bill, we will reimburse you for your time.
……..Thank you.
Andrew Peck and Chloe Dresser, hosts
Dresser Properties LLC. Owner

……. Texting AND emailing to BOTH of us is the best way to reach one of us if you have a question. We live in a remote cabin where phone reception is only occasional, but texts and emails reach us.

…….Mice are a fact of life in a country cabin. Periodically, we set traps and get rid of them, but soon enough, more get in. If seeing a mouse, or evidence of them, would bother you, the cabin is not for you.
…….A guest sent us a favorable review a couple of years ago, which we copy part of here, not to toot our own horn, but because it serves to reiterate and emphasize some points that prospective guests should not overlook:

“This cabin is the perfect get away from the hustle of the city. The rustic cabin is totally secluded and right next to a small creek. There is a queen bed, two chairs, and a wood stove. The bed is open to the kitchen and living room. There is a large dining table, two burner stove, and sink. There are plenty of pots and pans, a few glasses, and a few utensils. There is a cooler to keep things chilled. There is a large screened in porch that overlooks the creek. . . . There is an outhouse [Hosts' note: Outhouse upgraded to a porta potty in 2018, as required by the town] several yards from the house. Toilet paper, paper towels, candles, hand soap, and detergent is provided. Firewood was also provided and very much appreciated. The wood stove keeps you very warm in the house, and there is also a fire place in front of the cabin. The solar power provides enough power to light the cabin in the evenings and keep your cell phone charged. Bring your own sheets, pillowcases, and towels. NOTE- The cabin is at the bottom of a steep hill. You must have a 4-wheel drive or you will not be able to get back up the hill. Park your car at the top of the hill and walk down. There is an honor system when it comes to cleaning the cabin. Make sure and leave the cabin clean and inviting for the next guests. Let the owner know if things need to be restocked. The town of Catskill is less than 10 miles away and has a nice grocery store, a Wal-Mart, and plenty of restaurants. Happy Camping!!!” [end of guest's comments]
……..The property is owned by Dresser Properties LLC. Your hosts are Chloe Dresser and Andrew Peck

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4.70 out of 5 stars from 192 reviews

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Catskill, New York, Estados Unidos

We love that it is so remote and private, at the very end of a mile long wood road. If there's snow, it won't be plowed, you would need a four wheel drive to reach it in the snow. If you book it and there's snow so you can't reasonably drive in, we will give a rain check [snow check?] or a full refund - your choice. The road is passable by all but very low to the ground cars, except for the last 300 feet to the cabin which is steep, and should not be driven down unless you have four wheel drive. At the top of that short hill, there is a parking area.

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Wooster Prep School, Danbury CT Ulster County Community College AA University of Vermont, Burlington Suny New Paltz BA Washington University MSW Suny Albany ABD Clinical Psychology…
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Texting AND emailing BOTH of us is the best way to reach one of us if you have a question.
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