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    Saan ko mahahanap ang impormasyon tungkol sa aking payout?

    You can check the status of your payouts and display detailed information on your earnings at any time from your Transaction History.

    You can filter transactions by payout method, listing, and date. Display details of your payouts by clicking the reservation code.

    Completed payouts

    To review payouts that have been released by Airbnb, check out the Completed Payouts tab, where payout rows represent each payout that has been sent to you. Click the payout row to expand any payout, which will show transaction details such as reservations, adjustments, and cancellation fees.

    After we release your payout, the arrival time frame depends on the payout method you’ve selected. To determine the estimated arrival time of your payout, click the arrow to expand the payout section, which will show the date we’ve estimated, based on standard processing times.

    If you have multiple listings with reservations that begin on the same day, any payouts going to the same payout method will display as one row, because they were paid out together.

    Upcoming payouts

    To review your upcoming payouts, adjustments, or fees, check out the Upcoming Payouts tab. You’ll see payout rows, which show future release dates. If the payout is still pending, you can change your payout method for a particular reservation by using the drop-down menu.

    Learn more about what an adjustment on your Transaction History means.

    Gross earnings

    For each reservation, the gross earning amount is the price of the payout total before Airbnb service fees and any taxes collected on your behalf are removed. Earnings will appear in this tab after the payout for that reservation has been released.

    Exporting to a spreadsheet

    You can click Download CSV to download a .csv file of your transactions from any tab. The CSV file can be opened by any standard spreadsheet program (like Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, or Apple Numbers) to give you a display of the data. This spreadsheet includes additional information, including host service fees paid and cleaning fees (if you charge one).

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