Paano nagho-host si Milaida

Nagho-host si Milaida sa Puerto Rico para magkaroon ng dagdag na kita.

Nagho-host si Milaida sa Puerto Rico para magkaroon ng dagdag na kita.

Ano ang motibasyon mo sa pagsisimulang mag-host?

I decided to rent my extra room in a moment in my life where I was without a job. So hosting was really my salvation for not losing my apartment.

Paano ka naghahanda para masigurong magiging maganda ang karanasan ng mga bisita sa kanilang pagdating?

The first thing is cleaning. Clean towels, clean sheets, and then the next thing is to make sure they have little beautiful things so they can feel at home. I believe our mental health is very associated with our environment.

Mayroon ka bang anumang tip o payo para sa isang taong nag-iisip na mag-host?

My advice would be that the priority is the guests—not the money. Money is a priority, but the priority is really the guests. And the second thing I would say to a first-time host is that it’s very important to maintain contact with the guest to be aware when they’re coming and make sure they know how to get to your place—that they have a good check-in.

Mayroon ka bang mga paboritong sandali sa pagho-host?

I think I’ve hosted more than 700 people. It has been awesome. I have learned that people are good, you know. I can trust people, I can learn from a lot of cultures, and at the same time I can help my country, which I love.

Ano ang paboritong bagay mo sa pagiging host?

I like to see when my guests are happy. I love that. Usually my guests come and will be like, lost, but immediately after they check in, you can see from their faces that they love it. They like to be here.

What do you want Airbnb travelers to know about visiting Puerto Rico after the hurricane?

Puerto Rico is alive and well. We are here with our arms open to receive the world.

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Simulang gawin ang iyong listing

Simulang gawin ang iyong listing